50% More Awareness with Display Advertising

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Boosting Awareness by 50% with Display Advertising

An AZAMEO study measures the impact of a Display advertising campaign on the awareness of its client, a publishing house. The net gain in awareness was observed to be a significant 50% among the internet users targeted by the campaign. This study highlights the effect of Azabrand campaigns on a website’s recognition. Indeed, the Azabrand system enables communication with the internet user via the display of advertising banners throughout their navigation journey, from initial brand encounter to memorization and conversion.

A Closer Look at the Azabrand Display System:

Display advertising is an ideal medium for targeted communication campaigns on the web. It allows for the delivery of a personalized message to the internet user, based on the site they are navigating and their behavior and browsing history. The Azabrand Display campaign specifically aims to imprint the brand into the memory of the site’s future customers. This campaign successfully targeted 15% of the site’s monthly audience.

A Closer Look at Measuring Awareness:

AZAMEO has defined and patented performance indicators that allow for measuring a website’s awareness and tracking its evolution following the implementation of marketing actions. Thus, the awareness rate allows an estimation of the ratio between visits resulting from brand recognition and the total number of visits. For example, an internet user who types the name of the site into a search engine to access the site is considered a visit resulting from brand awareness as it is based on prior knowledge of the website’s brand.

A Closer Look at the Results:

To measure the impact of the Display campaign on the site’s awareness, AZAMEO compared the results between two populations:

  • The population of internet users exposed to the Azabrand Display advertisement, which constitutes 15% of the audience.
  • The population of internet users not exposed, making up the remaining 85% of the audience.

Impact of Azabrand Display on the Awareness Rate: With an average awareness rate of 30% among the non-targeted population and 45% among the targeted population, the result of the Azabrand campaign is a 50% increase in brand awareness. The Azabrand campaign has thus helped the targeted internet users to memorize the website’s brand via the display of banners, translating into a notable increase in visits resulting from brand recognition. Indeed, Display plays a critical role in brand memorization as well as in the reassurance and credibility of the site. It is particularly observed on e-commerce sites that the brand carries significant weight in internet users’ purchasing journeys and aids in increasing long-term sales.”

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