Trends and tips for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up soon: Boost the promotion of your products and services for this event! This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, June 4th. Seize this opportunity to increase your sales. The top trending gifts for mothers this year are:

  1. Kitchen accessories
  2. Beauty and skincare products
  3. Interior decoration items
  4. Personalized jewelry
  5. Picture frames and photo albums
  6. Everlasting flowers (preserved flowers)

Revamp the look of your e-commerce site

As a holiday approaches and you want to focus your sales on a specific celebration, make sure your site adopts a style “dedicated” to this holiday. This encourages your users to view the products highlighted specifically for this celebration. They should understand from their arrival on your site that Mother’s Day is approaching, and it’s time to order a gift for their mothers!

Send newsletters

On average, major brands send 3 emails to their community during the 3 weeks preceding the holiday in question. Here are our recommendations to captivate your community without overwhelming them with information:

  • Three weeks before D-day: Your first newsletter should simply inspire and seduce. Your customers are not yet ready to buy; they are beginning their research and do not yet feel the pressure to purchase. This is the opportunity to showcase your most beautiful items and several gift ideas.
  • One week before D-day: The shopping frenzy is felt, and your community is being wooed by numerous brands. To stand out and take a step ahead of the competition, entice your customers with promotions and free shipping. Take this opportunity to highlight the product guide you have composed specifically for the occasion. Focus on an attractive visual and a catchy title.
  • Three days before D-day: It’s shopping time! Most people place their orders at the last minute, and you need to make their task easier. Emphasize express delivery methods that will get the gifts to your customers within 48 hours.

Animate your social networks

Given that your customers will act at the last minute, they need to have your offer in mind at the time of purchase! Communicate your offer as soon as possible up until the date of the holiday.

Make a buzz on social networks by animating your accounts with photos and videos.

Launch a campaign for Mother’s Day

Start an acquisition campaign to highlight your products in connection with Mother’s Day. Azameo offers you automatic and targeted acquisition campaigns that can be launched in a few clicks.

Start a retargeting campaign with adapted content like a promo code.

Start a Google Search campaign with an “eye-catching” ad description that encourages the consumer to visit your site.

We hope this Mother’s Day will be fruitful for your sales. Azameo wishes you a happy holiday and good sales!

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