Get support from an Azameo Ad specialist. Supercharge your Ad campaigns with one of our Full-service plans

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- Full-service plans -


Free plan to create high-converting Ads through Azameo self-service dashboard.
$ 0 Free plan
  • Retargeting, Search, Shopping, Display
  • Microsoft, Azameo networks
  • AI-driven optimization
  • Chat & Email Support


Get personal support from an azameo expert to scale your business online.
$ 149 Monthly
  • Starter + Native ads
  • Starter + Google Ads
  • Starter + Manual optimization
  • Starter + Customer Success Mgr
  • Monthly meeting

Media Buyer

Delegate your Campaign to a certified Google Ads Media Buyer.
$ 249 Monthly
  • Scale-Up + Display RTB Ads
  • Scale-Up + Youtube
  • Starter + Ad Account Management
  • Starter + Certified Media Buyer
  • Weekly meeting

Ask Us Anything

No, it’s free to create your account and link your site. Once connected, you can gain valuable insights to help prepare your campaigns. You will only be charged when you actually run ads.

No, you don’t. Azameo takes care of all the work for you by creating sub-accounts and configuring everything on your behalf. Just sit back.

Simply prepay your Ad credits using a Credit Card or Paypal, and set your daily budget to your desired amount. We’ll notify you when your balance approaches zero to ensure uninterrupted ad campaigns. You can also enable automatic credit renewal for added convenience. For alternative payment methods such as Payoneer or bank transfer, our support team can assist in integrating them into your Azameo account.

Azameo charges a platform fee of 15% of your Ad spend, which is factored into your ad cost on the Azameo dashboard for accurate ROAS measurement.

Certainly! Azameo operates as a self-service dashboard. However, if you require the assistance of a certified Media buyer to manage your Ad campaign, you can upgrade to one of our premium Managed Service monthly plans.

Absolutely! With Azameo’s Ad campaigns, you can start seeing an increase in qualified traffic and sales within just a few days, depending on your website’s conversion rate, product market, and advertising history.